everybody wave hi!

So my mom and my kid sister got chosen to be a Nielsen Netratings family. (How? They’re not quite sure.) Of course I told Elizabeth that she had to visit my site lots, and some of the sites I like, too. 😉 Here’s part of what I wrote her, in terms of recommendations:

Most of my favorite sites are listed on *my* site under “linking goodness”. I think you’d really enjoy Kat’s. She writes funny weird stuff, about words she likes and wanting to be a pirate and stuff like that.

The photos at A life uncommon are very well done. 8bit joystick (Jacob) rants a lot about video games and copyright. stavros, wonder chicken (he was rude to you once on metafilter a long time ago, but apologized) has funny, sometimes slightly obscene, writing about life as an english teacher in s. korea; big white guy is sort of similar, but not entirely (more pictures!), and in hong kong. talking points memo is fabulous political writing & reporting. caveat lector and anita rowland are daily reads for me; both all over the place in subject matter, but great “voice”.

of course, most of those sites are pretty geeky – lots of web stuff – but if you’re at all interested in how the web works, they’re worth checking out. I’d especially recommend zeldman, dive into mark (and for some just amazing writing, his addiction catagory is well worth it), burning bird, tim bray, and joe clark. (joe is the *man* when it comes to accessibility on the web, and darn funny to boot.)

oh, and you might turn up some pictures of Morgan at Kermit’s blog (on my list as “K”). 😉

if I didn’t mention someone in my blogroll, it’s not that I don’t love you. 🙂 I just didn’t want to totally overwhelm my sister.

so everybody wave hi to my sister, and to the Nielsen folks too. (yes, dammit, I’m gaming the system.)