rule #1: never travel anywhere w/out notebook and pen

So C. & I had plans to go to Portland…among other things, I wanted to go to the Bead & Gem Faire, because I’m trying to get back into the jewelry thing, and those sorts of events always inspire me. (There’s a similar event this weekend in Tacoma, but I prolly won’t go…a little burnt out, and I have lots of things to do here.)

C had his own plans, so we split up and I went to the convention center, with just my little bag but no notebook or camera (not even a pen, much to my later chagrin, and rather against character). The Oregon Convention Center is a darn big place: an enormous circle, sort of. I took a wrong turn, not knowing where this bead thing was at — bad information architecture! — and saw a sign for a “Webvisions” conference. “hmmm.” Wandered past. “oooo, that looks cool.” Scoped it out – “wow, Mark Newhouse? Jeffery Veen?” Chatted a bit with the gals out front, hemmed and hawed about buying a ticket, then ended up going off to the bead fair.

Which was cool, although they’re all pretty much alike: rows and rows of tables laid out with beads and rocks and jewelry. Picked up a few things that might make some nice pieces. Then, of course, wandered back to the Webvisions room.

Wow…I’ve never been to one of these sorts of conferences, and it was an amazing experience. Mark’s presentation on standards was quite well done — clever concept, although he was a little stiff. And Jeffery’s was exceptional…got me all fired up to do all sorts of things for work, plus a few things here, too. (Going to start looking for students to interview at work.) Funny as hell…I need to reread his book.

Met the director of Free Geek, which was way cool. Need to connect deTray at UWT with him for sure. Entirely blown away by their whole setup.

And then…or rather — right off, first thing I saw when I walked into the conference room was Matt Haughey‘s profile. Whoa. In my little world, that’s like seeing a movie star. 😉 So I hung out afterwards and introduced myself, feeling ultra-ultra-dorky. But he (and pb, who I didn’t recognize, because I hadn’t ever seen his picture, I don’t think) was very nice, and funny too (asked if they were trading beads for pelts/land at the bead fair). Said he thought he remembered my MeFi username (epersonae, of course). He’s taller than I expected; Paul is shorter than I would’ve expected. (I’m beginning to wonder if I assume that everyone is close to my height if I haven’t met them in person. Veen was freaking astoundingly tall.)

So…yay. I’m going to talk to my boss about going next year, too, so I can actually be at to the whole damn thing. Oh, and bring my notebook, pen, and camera.