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Archives for July 2003

everybody wave hi!

So my mom and my kid sister got chosen to be a Nielsen Netratings family. (How? They’re not quite sure.) Of course I told Elizabeth that she had to visit my site lots, and some of the sites I like, too. 😉 Here’s part of what I wrote her, in terms of recommendations: Most of […]

that’s weird….

I thought I had also linked to Joe’s article searched for as “all the guys”, but it looks like I just double-linked to a pierce of Dorothea’s that seemed on a tangential topic. now I can’t find it. gah. stupid internet.

so that wasn’t too bad

but man, typeing on those those teeny tiny cell phone keys drives me nuts. (C, on the other hand, is going to end up with japanese-schoolgirl-like texting skillz.) I dream about the Palm Tungsten C, or even better, a laptop or tablet. sigh.

things to do before going on vacation

– arrange for cats, mail, house-watching we’ve got it covered. – plan route, stops along the way working on it – memory stick(s)! on its way got it! – power inverter (car to normal outlet) on its way got it! – cooler(s) – sandals for C. – phone charger? the lovely people at Shilo Inn […]

rule #1: never travel anywhere w/out notebook and pen

So C. & I had plans to go to Portland…among other things, I wanted to go to the Bead & Gem Faire, because I’m trying to get back into the jewelry thing, and those sorts of events always inspire me. (There’s a similar event this weekend in Tacoma, but I prolly won’t go…a little burnt […]


I’m actually going away for a vacation — not right now, but soon. Earlier this year, I managed to take two whole weeks of vacation, but I hardly left the house. 🙂 (not that that’s a bad thing.) But over the weekend we were invited to come to C’s friend’s wife’s family’s annual get-together on […]

state of the browsers and a modest proposal

I’m sure I’m not saying anything anyone else hasn’t already said, but I wanted to gather it here for my own benefit after the last month or so of browser news…. Internet Explorer Frozen. The Windows version will not be updated beyond the current 6.0; allegedly the next major version will be part of the […]

where am I….

since for some reason (arg!) my server is down, I’m recording things here. (I should probably look into a more stable — tho probably more expensive (ow) — host.) * Wikis & weblogs * Wikilog * Bill Moyers interview with Jon Stewart (like anita, it’s one of the few things I miss about having television. […]