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Archives for June 2003

admittedly, my memory’s not that good…

but I’m sort of surprised at how much I’d forgotten how much I like quiche. (yay…asparagus & cheese quiche for lunch this week!)

minimal uptime

Snapping Links is back, if only through the end of February 2003. I’m hoping to spend some of my downtime going through the archives that I have from then until sometime in mid-May, and getting them into shape to be imported. not sure how that’s going to go. and I realized last night that it […]

upcoming downtime

not for this site, but for me personally. there’s a long story, but the short version is that we’ll be w/out phone for as much as a week, and w/out broadband for possibly longer. those who already have my number will get the new one when I have it. (how much do I hate qwest? […]

what’s bugging me right now…

is that I know I wrote another (better!) version of scenes 7-14 in part 1, after I had a better grip on the idea of explaining conversations that the narrator doesn’t actually have the language skills to comprehend. I’m hoping, vaguely, that it’s somewhere on paper. yeah, that’s the ticket.

from the original main draft…

105 scenes in four sections, something around 90,000 words. still four chunks of alternative text, two or three of which may be identical to either each other or the main draft, one of which is in Open Office format, which I don’t (yet; it’s a humongous download!) have installed on this computer. (must find pictures […]

a little project

A little while back, Kat decided to try an old idea again…in our writers’ group days (a long story), we did something called a “round robin” — everybody starts a story, passes it to the next person, who writes some, passes to the next, etc., until it’s done (then, we had a time limit on […]

I have nothing terribly interesting to say tonight

maybe tomorrow (my first summer Friday off!) I’ll be more verbose, and talk about my nifty new computer. possibly not, though. in the meantime, go check out Gus’s One Hundred Unfinished Projects.

a local writer

JenRae, who I also note is involved with an online magazine. neat!