mother’s day

I think my cards turned out pretty well. I used a couple of photos – for C’s mom, who is absolutely like a second mother to me, I used one of my favorite flower pictures with a very pretty script, and for my mom, I used a nice panoramic shot of the lake near school (not online), with a cool cutout font. I wish I could’ve thought of something clever, since Mom isn’t usually one for pretty/sentimental cards, preferring the silly most of the time. maybe I’ll think of something funny to write inside.

other people to whom I should probably send cards (possibly all copies of the same card?):
– Edith
– Pat
– Aunt Susie
– Grandma Dillon

maybe I’ll actually get them done this year. (fingers crossed.) one of my not-new-year’s resolutions is to stop flaking out on special occasions.