at least the shortest day of the year has a little sun

this year I’ve been more aware than ever of the changing of the seasons – the darkness enveloping my mornings and evenings, the leaves falling and turning into a grey slick on my driveway. when we moved in, it was not too long past the height of summer; almost half a year has slid by, faster than I’d like.

I planted my first bit of a garden this fall – a few fistfuls of bulbs that hopefully will bring flowers in a few months time. we took out most of the blackberry bramble that gave us a few treats last summer, and cut down a pear tree from which we didn’t get any fruit. (that wasn’t really why we cut it down) I learned that aspen is damn near a noxious weed.

now it’s the darkest point of winter, with a few gloomy months ahead before the first hints of spring – I’m wishing for a little snow, but not feeling too hopeful about it. we haven’t had a really good winter snowstorm in years. but there will be rain….

and in the dark corners of the year, I can daydream about and plan for gardens to come.