the two towers

Wednesday, after C. turned in his last paper for the quarter, we went up to Seattle to spend the evening with Kat. started out with lots of Grand Theft Auto III (a freakishly addictive game, that) and DOA (3?), then graduated to the exended edition of Fellowship. totally worthwhile, that. we all expressed the opinion that they should’ve just released the extended version to start with, and given the damn thing an intermission! (at 4 hours, it definitely needs an intermission.) more character & narrative building stuff, which was good.

then we got up, had a little breakfast, and took off for the show. got there at 9:30 for the 11:30 show (more about that later)…bounced between the “getting in the door” line and the “picking up the tickets” line.

when I’d gotten up to the will-call window, this woman showed up and said that she had a group of 100, and they wanted to go get in the concessions line early, and at first I thought “no way” but the manager started letting her “group” through…and people were rushing the door by the time I got back to where C. was standing in the getting in the door line. so we just busted in as soon as we could. I’m a little less mad about it today, but not much. so annoying…we could’ve gotten much better seats, although the ones we ended up with weren’t too bad.

and the movie? excellent. I’m now waiting for the extended edition. 🙂 nick-picky geek-fans may have things to fuss about – we three noted about a half-dozen discrepencies – but it was such an intense, enjoyable movie that it just doesn’t matter. (of course, I sort of agree with Kat’s assessment that it wasn’t quite depressing enough.)

the music was much better than the last movie. C. said he thought they’d learned something from scoring the extended edition. whatever it was, I found myself both enjoying and anticipating the various musical themes.

amazingly, Gollum/Smeagol was sympathetic…I felt sorry for the pathetic little thing.

(so, Dorothea, a happy dance is definitely in order.)