using the (mad?) skillz you have

I’ve been thinking about making calendars for loved ones this year…and when I’ve tried it before, one of the most daunting parts is just generating all the months. and since I no longer have the hard drive that had PageMaker, I was looking forward to creating all of this in Word. and we all know how much I like dealing with the advanced features of Word. (um, that would be almost not at all, esp. when it comes to tables.)

but yesterday morning, in my bleary half-awake walk to the bus, it occurred to me that I already know a script for generating calendars, and that if I generated a calendar in HTML, I could import it into Word (IE will copy with style, Moz w/out) and that would get me most of the way there.

so, here’s my starter file – I’m going to play around with some CSS to get it reasonably close before copy/pasting into Word. now I just need to find a cool picture in a large enough resolution.