batch o’ batch (many from Boing Boing)

cyberfrost (much wifi goodness)
trouble at Albertsons’ “I don’t mind the quid pro quo so much as the fact that you’ve got to really pay attention to the signs to know what price you’re going to pay.” we had this same problem, on what turned out to be a generally lousy day a couple of weeks back.
real time GPS phone map of Amsterdam
we’ve been here before – cool tiny case mods they’ve posted a ton more since the last time I saw it.
Project Dole – furniture from boxes – I’m tempted to try it myself
another great weblog (Dorothea, I hope it goes without saying that I totally support you, and that it would be a dark moment in my world if you stopped blogging.)
speaking of Dorothea, these two pieces on computer book publishing reminded me of her endless (and hopefully not too quixotic) discussion of what’s wrong with electronic publishing. (and, it’s always seemed to me, of what’s wrong with publishing in general.)
Why computer books suck
The book behind the book behind the book…
which also reminds me of the still entirely excellent Building Accessible Websites – haven’t read it? you must do so now! (um, what happened to Joe’s server?!)