I won’t say I didn’t tell you so

so this afternoon I went to my first physical therapy appointment. I’ve had problems with my feet and ankles for years: any number of interesting injuries, plus a bout of tendonitis. all the times I asked about it when I was going to the Group Health center in Tacoma, I basically got the brush-off…last week, when I went to my new doctor in Olympia, he gave me a referral for physical therapy pretty much right away.

and today…today’s appointment was a damn good thing. the therapist (Shelley) was wonderful…great sense of humor, knowledgable, sympathetic. she watched me walk, measured damn near everything from my knees down, and then gave me exercises and talked about shoes (I need new ones) and ice (it would be good for my ankles).

the funny (not really ha-ha funny) thing is that a lot of the advice I got from Shelley is stuff that C. has been telling me pretty the same damn thing for…well, about as long as we’ve known each other. esp. about the shoes and the toe-raises.

I almost cried at the end of the appointment, and I think I said “thank you” like 47 times.