today I returned a pair of lopping shears that I’d borrowed from our friends around the corner…and returned with a tray full of plants. (I have only a vague idea of where I’m going to plant them.) I’ve never been a gardener, and I’m fascinated to watch Dani work in her garden, which is beautiful in an unrestrained/unplanned way.

and to her, these are extras, and something that’ll get me started in going from a vastness of lawn to an actual garden…but I’m blown away, because I’m not yet in a place where I have that sense of abundance.

in some parts of my life, I can feel that richness of spirit that comes from having more than enough. I have web knowledge to spare, for example. but in some ways I’ve been hampered by my own feelings of anxiety, worrying about whether I even have enough for myself.

last night I had a horrible anxious dream, in which I found myself arguing that I’m doing much better now. (that’s the short version; I really don’t feel like going into more detail.) and so I am. I just have to keep telling myself so.

there’s a link that should go with this entry, but I don’t have it right here, so I’ll come back & add it later. probably.