the ’60s

2060s, that is. according to a couple of life expentancy calculators, I should live until sometime around 2065. (longer if I manage to eat better, work out more, stress out less, and not get in any another car accident) damn that’s a long time.

Long to Live
Longevity Game

(randomly enough, found through a PowerPoint version of the Gettysburg Address.)

additional thought: according to Social Security, I’ll be eligible for retirement in 2039…so I’ll have something like 30 years before I croak to do…what? (note that my working career, in 2039, will have been 43-50 years, depending on whether you count the time I was in school and working.)

that’s way too much time to be thinking about now.

but I was happy to discover that in losing 13 pounds, I’ve dropped my BMI from 27.3 to 25.3. (my target weight puts me down below 24.)