how to share an internet connection in Win2K

but I want something with more diagrams. 🙂

the “dummies” (marketing-speak) version:
Using connection sharing is quite simple. You start by picking one of your computers to act as the single Internet connection, and then install a modem or a second interface card (for the DSL or cable-modem link) and set up an ISP account. In the settings for that account, select the box for Enable Internet Connection Sharing. Windows 2000 Professional automatically sets up your network addresses, configures itself as the gateway to the Internet, creates the path to the name services on the Internet, and lets all the computers in your network share a single IP address to talk to Web servers and other systems on the Internet. And, because it includes a self-configuring Network Address Translator, your PCs are hidden from the Internet to prevent unauthorized access.

but, strangely enough, I can’t find basic “how to network two computers” information.

easy home network tutorial! (although it seems to assume 98…then again, that’s what we have on one of the computers, isn’t it?) also see home networking with TCP/IP and Microsoft Windows

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