disparate things

A smaller circle of friends – “But when the shock wore off and the frenzy of activity diminished, I began to dwell on Cal and Doug themselves, how they had died, all that they would miss as their kids grew up.”

a letter to Ashcroft
America may want to rethink a system that creates so many hardened criminals (I miss reading Tom’s copy of the Economist.)
Noah Johnson’s Protest Record, August 22, 2002

fontbitch, defined
We’ve got blog – online
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Computer Use, Musicians, and Injuries

Simple ways to relieve stress
Poetry daily
barcode generator
olympia pet parade – “Ashlynn is the daughter of Dan and Jeanne McFarland of Lacey.” I need to e-mail Dan, one of these days….

and for C…
The center for wireless telecommunications
Wireless Technologies: where are we? (with guest experts David Kotz of Dartmouth and Joel Hartman of the University of Central Florida)