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Archives for September 2002

wildly unrelated links

GWB throws a party…will anyone come? (via mightygirl) your hobbit name (via ev – this time.)


childhood memories are strangely proven right: Diet Coke is still nasty. (I wanted caffeine, but not so many Kcals. I think I’ll just drink black tea instead.)

excellent advice – I think I’ll take it

also from Rebecca, a page of advice for writing. I’ve had a very good couple of days on that front – readers in the know will understand when I say that I’ve been writing Marcus & Radla’s backstory(ies), and that it’s been both fun and useful. and because reading Rebecca’s Pocket always turns up good […]

what makes this information valid?

The Gypsy Lore Society: External Links In order to assess the worth of any item of information the reader should always ask the following questions about any claims an author makes […] (via Rebecca Blood)

changing hosts

I’m in the middle of changing webhosts – there may be a hiccup in the next few days, but hopefully I’ve provided for enough overlap that it shouldn’t be a problem. the new host has much better features for a lower price. happy happy. (assuming I can find/remember my domain provider account name & password….)

sometimes life and buffy converge

I was listening to a conversation about the opening of the new building, and I suddenly had a flash of last night’s episode, and Dawn & Kit falling through the bathroom floor, and thought – wow, at least we don’t have to worry about it being over the hellmouth. (hopefully.)

what I want

– EZ-3 trike. long-time readers may know that I’ve never learned how to ride a bike. a tragic combination of bad balance & coordination, family tragedy, and not enough interest to put in the resources. but Saturday we dropped by Bike Tech (no web site, apparently) and Chad tried out the recumbents while I tried […]

sometimes it hurts being an adult

there was a stray cat who came ’round our house over last weekend, and he looked thin, and was friendly, and so we gave him food. he was also a very vocal cat, so we started calling him Mr. Noisy. then we sat down, each in turn, outside, and let him crawl onto our laps […]

okay, so that was longer than after going to the store

a bunch of other stuff happened, like going to Mt. Rainier…we resupplied a few friends who are hiking the wonderland trail. we got to camp overnight at Mowich Lake, which was absolutely gorgeous (pictures later, hopefully), and not only brought the supplies they asked for, but made dinner and breakfast. we really need a sleeping […]

“personal transparency”

first off, Dorothea writes beautifully about blogging & the family. I too have wondered about what might happen should random people (family, friends, other sorts of acquaintences) run into this little page…so far, all of those random moments have been quite pleasant – mostly on the level of “yeah, I saw something about X on […]