Daewoo still sucks, but that’s not really my problem any more. (a full report to come)
– I’m copying my Steering the Craft exercises into my old “AilaLog” – will link when I’m done.
– the pie listed below turned out pretty good – next time, add more flour to the filling. (also got some great tips on better pie crust from that test kitchen show on channel 9)
– oh my god I need to send my grandmother a birthday card!
– I can’t find Thao’s address (physical), and I have a postcard to send her….
– it’s damn fine weather.
– I have paid off a student loan in full…just got the receipt today from UPS, marked “PAID” with a big red stamp. ain’t that happy!
– I need to email Paula & do some (serious!) work on Zografis. (gonna do it entirely over, I think, if I can find the original graphics files.) ditto with Martin & the Diversity Hair site – not an overhaul, I don’t think, but I haven’t been too great about staying in touch. (and what’s new about that, you ask? not much, I’m afraid. if I were more on the ball, that Tara chick from North Carolina wouldn’t have been the first candidate with a weblog. need to email Mary, too, and see if she still wants/needs my help for her friend.)
– Edith called last night. it’s all right…her house scene is again a little sketchy, but whatever. she seemed in good spirits. maybe more on that later.