celebrate the birth of your country by blowing a small piece of it up

I hate the 4th of July, if only because every yahoo in sight (and earshot) thinks it’s cool to explode fireworks for hours at a time…which was what happened last night. except, um, last night was only the third day of July, ya idiots!

the poor kitties were so freaked out. as was I. I’m sure tonight will be even worse…compounded by C’s cold, which came on in the middle of the night like a freight train. bleh. and I have a ton of stuff to do for this weekend’s yard sale, as well.

but on a happier note, I got blogged by a “major” today! wonderfully enough, it was under the header “Why I Love the Web” – which seems appropriate since blogging, and people like David Weinberger, are why I love the web. Nice to meet you too, David. (addition to my email: C recommends just using a post-hole digger, rather than being too fussy about it.)

I may have to write more about why the Web/blogging encourages writing to strangers as if you knew them, but I really need to do some cleaning/sorting/pricing/boxing up first.