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Archives for July 2002

rant-o-matic, or: I want walkie-talkies!

so we got cell phones again, and they’re just as much of a pain in the ass as they were the last time we tried (for about a week last winter(?)) – the coverage is absolutely lousy out at the college; steilacoom doesn’t like cell towers. and they’re too small, too hard to hear in […]

almost there.

but no internet at the new place yet, so very sparse blogging. I do have many days worth of linking goodness which I want to comment on. later, later, later. this has ever been my mantra. I so much want to write about all of this, but it just hasn’t been possible. I’m tired, and […]

breaking radio silence (so to speak)

it’s been a long, busy day. but tonight (eventually) I’ll be sleeping in my own bed in my new house. note to self: don’t ever sleep on the floor again. ever.


I heard a rumor that GM is buying out Daewoo and won’t be honoring existing warranties – I found proof on CNN that the deal exists, but nothing about warranties. Daewoo’s site looks normal, and there’s nothing about Daewoo on GM’s site one way or the other. anybody know anything? update, 7/26: finally called the […]

did I say that I hate moving?

I can’t find my “action items” folder, i.e.: the manila folder that has all of my bills & stuff to do. I swear I just saw it, as I was tidying up papers, and now I can’t find it. that’s not good. (at least all the new bills – last week or so – were […]


– The Morning News, another site I often forget. – congratulations, and fuckin’ a, Dave.

a little break

I’m giving myself a respite from packing/cleaning/moving. it’s going quite well, weirdly enough. a load of boxes in the wagon yesterday, and today was some small furniture & odds & ends. now I’m bringing out everything that’s left, all the weird little stuff, papers, journals…. the old house is starting to get that empty feel. […]

likely downtime

well, we’ve signed all the papers, and on Monday we pick up keys. which means that now thru the end of July I will be cleaning, packing, moving, cleaning, etc., etc. which means that posting (and emailing) may be a bit light for a while. but first have to admit to being very, very happy […]

yes, I’m feeling much better.

I still want to blog on these topics, reply to David W. again, and email my whole list with my moving info. actually, I’ll go do that right now…