a little break

I’m giving myself a respite from packing/cleaning/moving. it’s going quite well, weirdly enough. a load of boxes in the wagon yesterday, and today was some small furniture & odds & ends. now I’m bringing out everything that’s left, all the weird little stuff, papers, journals…. the old house is starting to get that empty feel.

actually, yesterday was quite lovely. packing up the car took about 20 minutes, and when we got down, there was a jar of flowers & a handmade candle on the doorstop – other friends, later, gave us more flowers and a bottle of champagne, and we all stood around in the yard, drinking out of little plastic cups and talking about gardening. because we have the tallest apple tree I have ever seen, and it appears to be covered with apples. jeez. not to mention the pear tree(s?) and the blackberry bramble. (ah, that makes me feel nostalgic. when we moved into the house on Alameda, when I was seven, the whole back end of the lot was one gigantic bramble. of course, in that climate there wasn’t ever any fruit, whereas this bramble should produce a number of pies.)

met the neighbor with the interesting garden – very cool lady.

I realized today that the “drafts” tab in blogger pro sometimes works as a “blogclog” holding pen, esp. for sets of links. I have a couple there right now, which I’m waiting for some time to annotate & discuss. (I’m anticipating connecting the dots between Dorothea, Burningbird, and K on the very topic of blogging/journaling.)

okay, now back to it, for just a little longer before sleep.

(oh, and confidential to K, as Dear Abby (or Dan Savage) would say: I haven’t had time to dig out your hidden entry (?) – is it awful of me to be lazy & beg for a link? I promise to make no comment.)