misc hoohas.

ow – protecting scripts in XHTML makes my head hurt.

neato (in a really morbid way): tombstone transcription project (Pierce Co.) – I love cemetaries, especially very old ones, because they have such personality. I want to be marked with a massive gaudy victorian-style tombstone, preferably with a statue of a weeping lovely and a poem about what a wonderful person I was. also, Lakewood has a bizarre number of cemetaries…check out the info about the Old Settler (Steilacoom Pioneer) Cemetery – I drive by it several times a week, and find it totally fascinating. (there’s also a Mason’s cemetary with barbed wire and a semi-abandoned cemetary from the old WA State mental hospital not that far away.)

posted w/out comment: one woman’s thoughts on gaming

Jacob, check out this regional blog: LA Blogs.

I love this concept: ShorDurPerSav – “The True SubGenius accepts into his heart, on a strictly temporary basis, anyone or anything with which he happens to be impressed at the moment.” sort of the obverse of Edith’s old truism that anything which really bugged her was a sign of the apocalypse.

and, apparently, I am the Superfriends’ Batman. I’ve never even seen Superfriends!