wooden legs on 50 pounds a year

I was dead bored a couple of days ago, so I pulled my old The Complete Sherlock Holmes (if Powell’s is to be believed, it’s an out of print edition) off of the shelf. it’s amazing – I’ve read those little tales so often that I practically have them memorized. “ah, yes, the Five Pips – that’s the one about the KKK, isn’t it?”

a few things that occur to me on this reading….

– in the first few stories, Watson & Holmes were actually quite young; I’m guessing still in their late 20s?
– many of the stories involve terrible things that happened in America, India and/or Australia coming back to haunt the victims or principal characters.
– young women are often taken advantage of or abused by their male relatives (fathers, step-fathers, uncles, etc.) so that said relatives can continue to use their “income”.
– I’d’ve hated to have been Watson’s patient.
– DNA testing (hell, blood typing) could’ve put Holmes out of business.
– people had more wooden legs back in the day.

Baker St. Museum – my goodness, what a gaudy site. the background music is lovely, tho it clashes badly with somafm. (they also take themselves a little too seriously, or so it would seem.) I prefer…
Sherlockian.net (hrm. the guy that played Mycroft in the wonderful TV series was also the man-with-no-neck in Rocky Horror. go figure.)