when ben affleck attacks!

we went to see The Sum of All Fears yesterday. I like a good red-meat action movie as much as the next gal, but…. it could’a been good, I think, but too many absurd plot holes (C alleges that there wasn’t actually a plot), and Ben Affleck‘s tone-deaf acting…. I even like Affleck, on occassion (see Chasing Amy), but he’s not exactly Jack Ryan, even forgetting Harrison Ford’s earlier performances. I’d love to see Affleck starring with Keanu Reeves, just for the train-wreck-ness of it.

the other thing that bugged me was how the near-destruction of an american city by a nuclear weapon was basically just background color. the idea was horrifying, esp. having been a kid who was terrified of that sort of thing, but they just didn’t use it very well.

but I did take one thought out of it: this movie was the revenge of the report-writers, the people who spend their lives sitting in front of computers putting together powerpoint presentations for their bosses. “damn it, I know what I’m talking about!” 😛