I’d like to get a

I’d like to get a comment system running again, one of these days. I downloaded blogback, but don’t have the brainpower tonight to figure out if it’ll work on my current host’s server.

also, if there’s any one feature that would really mean something for blogger pro, it’d be commenting.

(and I realized that I screwed up my template – just moved the date outside of the postsubject tag, so that the date & permalink still appear even if there’s no subject. hopefully.)

damn it, the background-color in the main div screws up the display of my pretty little monogram in the bottom right corner. (you can see it on the home page, or should be able to. maybe I’ll move it out of the body tag & into #main, see what that does. bleh, I don’t like that either. I am going to have to rework this design…again. too many interacting pieces, I think.)