this backup brain is thinking about…

Illuminating RF lighting: links to articles (including one by Steve Stroh) about over use of Wi-Fi/802.llb band, including a potentially major problem with something called RF lighting. only skimmed so far.


the WaSP prepares for relaunch

digital jewelry – lovely (decoder rings!), but can I make jewelry with this tech embedded?

mortgage insurance alert – must learn more about this.

waferbaby – check out the cards!

web hosts: hostsave, cyberpixels

A Rift Among Bloggers – YAWA.

The End is Nigh – didn’t Bruce Sterling write about this in a novel?

Hands of the Hills jewelry/beading supplies

2 tinkerers find cheaper way to broadband?

afterDinner for Writers – found thru this interview – looks to be very, very cool.

and there’s that gallery tool I’ve been trying to remember where the hell I found it.