why I need a digital camera

after the 2nd trip to the market, we decided there wasn’t anything more we really wanted to do in Portland, and concurrently that we wanted to take the slow route home and go out to the coast. by then it was clearing up, and soon after we got out of town it was warm enough to switch to tank top/sandals (me) and shorts (C).

gorgeous, gorgeous day. I made a bunch of notes about it in my paper journal – even sketched out a map of a spot where we stopped, high on a bluff overlooking the Columbia. we raced the sun out to the ocean, crossing the Columbia at Astoria, driving out to Cape Disappointment, stopping at several little parks & beaches on our way up to Westport. drove away from the sunset into orange-purple-gold clouds and sky, back into the forests and onto the highway.

there’s something about long drives with Chad that just makes me happy. we get into a mellow groove – sometimes we talk, sometimes listen to tunes, sometimes just sit in silence; in any event, I feel like I’m in the right place.

dinner, late, at Denny’s in Oly – a bevy of teenage Christian theater people. the girls had that off-kilter manic energy that teenage girls so often have in groups.

and then home, around 11 pm. I just crashed out….

(I really, really, really wish I had photos. but I don’t have a dig. camera yet, and I even forgot my film camera!)