ack. I want to post

ack. I want to post a photo of Morgan that I got in the mail today, but this is still on blogspot, and I still can’t find my ftp password to move it to (or maybe it’s just that I’m posting in Mozilla? I don’t know….)

because John at Microcontent News wrote asking for stories from people who’d experience “blog stalking” and, well, I told him my little tale. it seemed a weird confluence of events that I should then come home to one of Morgan’s wild drawings and a photo of her in Puerto Rico (do they know she has a huge crowd of Puerto Rican cousins?).

but until I can post the photo, I’ll just say this: she looks like a perfect blend of her parents, more than any other kid I’ve ever seen. it’s actually a little bizarre. not that I’ve ever seen photos of K as a kid, but he wasn’t much past a kid when we first met (no kidding!), and she has his long face & hair color, something of the chin as well. Edith’s mouth, w/out question, with those short little teeth and thin lips, and the shape of the eyes too. hair curl/texture seems more like Edith’s, or mine even, none of the quasi-curl that he has, nor the dreaded Dillon ‘fro. and blue eyes…apparently, nobody on his side has blue eyes [edit: I stand corrected – there’s an uncle w/blue eyes], but Mom & Eliz. both do.

hmmm. something of a conundrum is this, a twisted tale from all directions.

I remember truffles. 🙂

(did he really kick Thad‘s ass? [edit: okay, after a reminder, I remember it. that incident was actually about me, and I was trying valiantly to be invisible.])