costs for reunion: the actual

costs for reunion:
the actual event: $67
air fare: $270-290 (SWA seems to have it at $248, but that doesn’t include fees, taxes, etc.)
car rental: $26+/day ($50-$100 total)
plus of course food & other incidental expenses.

the question, in my mind, is whether it would be economical to drive down. this would take more time, but possibly cost less money.

note: rail passage looks to be about $200 – possibly the most economical deal, to my immense surprise.

I’m also assuming that I’ll be staying with K, Raul, Franz, Mom, or Aunt Susie, so no hotel costs.

total? $317 – $457. ouch. and it’s on Chad’s birthday. the question rears its ugly head…is this worth it?