I’m reading the cluetrain manifesto,

I’m reading the cluetrain manifesto, which isn’t as mushy as dvorak implies (man, they even give him a sweet quote, or didn’t he notice?), tho perhaps a little devil-may-care for my tastes. but it makes me wonder about the profession that I am (sortof) in: we get this newsletter, which I can’t remember the name of right off – some kind of PR report. and I never, ever read the whole thing through because I just find to be the smarmiest crud imaginable.

(C: read RB’s response to the Dvorak. you should write a ‘blog like this.)

I’m having too much fun in the quasi-revolutionary wave of blogging to worry about it too much, though. Note re: metablogging, and all the pissing and moaning that bloggers are taking themselves too seriously, blogging too much about blogging (where I did I see that quote about writing about the pen) – this is what writers do. we write about the process of writing as much as we actually write. most writers I’ve met can talk endlessly about writing, about how they write, what inspires them, and what they think it all means. blogging is writing, so bloggers blog about blogging.


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