so I’m pissed. I’m really,

so I’m pissed. I’m really, really pissed.

I’m pissed at my (former!) web host, for leaving me in the lurch with no backup plan. like, I didn’t get to back anything up before my site (and all my email!!!!) went: poof! I’m trying to work with some folks from Digital Eve who were also clients of susanne’s to see if we can get some answers, or something.

I’m pissed at the government – why can’t I e-file my taxes without paying some chumpo company? I sat down and went through the whole fucking thing – including calculating the tax on an early 401k disbursement and capital gains, for god’s sake. I don’t need no steenking h&r block to do my taxes, but I can’t file electronically without paying.

and I want that money to put into savings as the germ of a down payment on a house.

world is full of idiots, that’s for sure.

oh, I imagine I’ll have epersonae running at drizzle in the next week or so.