well, here’s the other thing.

well, here’s the other thing. I didn’t go to group the other night, and I didn’t warn anyone aforehand, and nobody’s tried to get ahold of me, either. (no one did after I begged off the last time – bad headache, thought I was getting sick.)

and I’ve been thinking, again, much as I did at the end of the summer. it’s just not enough – not a good ROI, as the tech mags say. partially because the “I” part of the equation is pretty heavy, relatively speaking.

so I think I’m going to email the guys – because it’s not really about them so much – and I want to stay friends, such as we are, and I hope we can stay in touch creatively. then I’m going to start working on getting a writers’ group together down here. I know what I want, and I’m hoping that I can find it in my own backyard.

I want to publish another ‘zine, too. maybe something less graphically ambitious than the Q attempt (which was lovely, if I do say so myself!), but a way to get my work, and others as well, out there.

I gotta get going on this. time is sliding by at an alarming rate.