what I almost said, but

what I almost said, but decided against, was that I’ve gotten religion. but that is the long & the short of it – not “zeldmanism” – whatever that would be; and more than just a passion for “standards” or even “accessibility” – instead, a vision of the web as a MULTImedia. I’m not totally sure what that means just yet, except that it (the ‘net?) could be a deep pervasive thing, if we think of it that way, if we let it be that way.

and maybe standards and accessibility – a consiousness of what we do – will lead us down that path.

I see, in my mind’s eye, Marin crouched over the “machines” singing gently to them; Aila talking aloud in the quiet house(?) and a voice always there to answer her. I see a book that does not end, and poems splayed across the sky.

oh, and rice crispy treats come out with a much more consistent texture if you mix them in a larger pan.