can I be of 2

can I be of 2 minds about this? no, really. I have all this fond nostalgic stuff in my head, and frankly, I found his weblog to be fairly entertaining. but at the same time…god, he was such an ass during that whole thing with edith. and the email she sent me a while back (a) creeped me out and (b) made me roll my eyes. whatever. kid’s gonna be f***ed up, with manic-depressive genes, etc., etc., she’s gonna find something to be f***ed up about. not that’s it’s any of my concern. except that I need to mail her a christmas gift, to be a good auntie.

which I’ve not been so hot at, frankly.


here’s the trick question for this evening: do people ever really change? I speak not only of k, but also of people like Ra (and his god-forsaken mother), or Edith, or…anybody, including oneself.

I like to think I’m different from how I was 5 years ago, or 10 years ago (that 10 yr reunion is haunting the back of my mind), but sometimes I wonder.

and with legos spread out in the living room, it’s hard to take myself seriously as an adult.