of course, I did have

of course, I did have to do a few little tweaks. y’know, I really like that design, even after all these months. it’s damn clean. I did find a little problem, which I should email Ev about – those darn ampersands.

a quick aside. ampersands destroyed my life when I was working at the museum, one of things I did was take care of mailing lists. well, one day I was trying to clean it up, and I noticed that there was no data entry standard. (yes, I really do notice that sort of thing, even now.) some couples were listed as George & Martha, while others would be George and Martha, with no rhyme or reason. (can you see what’s coming? if so, you are much smarter than I was then.) so I popped open the Excel file, and opened the find/replace dialog, typed “and” into one box, “&” in the other, and…yep, I hit “replace all” – which really screwed up all sorts of things.

S&ra, who lived on Fox Isl&, was the one who noticed it. she was actually quite good humored about it, and thank goodness she caught it before we sent the mailing!