okay, so how do I

okay, so how do I integrate this stuff?

neighbors are playing music quite loud. I’ll give them until 10, but after that, the music is going to have to go down!

Kat & (I think) Mark are coming down for Thanksgiving treats. I really should be cleaning, cooking, and/or grocery shopping. whatever. 🙂

thankgivings I have known

1996, as in many other things, was a high-water mark for Thanksgiving. we had to flip my bed up against the wall to fit a long table in the apartment. the turkey was cooked at Grey’s and brought over by Raul (because Grey had sold his car). the dinner was “brought to you by the Cranberry Advisory Board” – much to Edith’s dismay.

The only thing I remember of thanksgiving ’95 was the pain of conjunctivitis. ow.

In my childhood, Thanksgiving was one of the sacred tradition holidays: dinner at Grandma’s. The same turkey, rolls, peas with pearl onions, etc., etc. We always brought pie…pumpkin and mincemeat. When I was in my early teens, Grandma D. decided she didn’t want to host Thanksgiving anymore: too much work. Not that I blame her, of course. (Oddly enough, she continued to host Xmas for some time.) So Aunt Jane said she’d host, but no kids. WTF? Okay, so I wasn’t a kid, but Elizabeth was. Mom decided it would be more fun if we went to the beach. Rock on! That was the best. thanksgiving. ever. At least, during those years…except maybe for the next Thanksgiving, spent in Sacramento. (I wonder where Mom is this year. I really should call her.)

This is the first time that Chad & I have “done” Thanksgiving together. And I’m actually not stressed about it…sort of to my own surprise.

(hmmm. I hear Eurythmics thru the wall. maybe this isn’t so bad.)