yeah, that’s the short version.

yeah, that’s the short version. the long version is not entirely for public consumption. 😛

but no, work was pretty good today. I feel like I’m really settled into my job, like I have some degree of mastery over my domain. probably an illusion, but what are you gonna do?

and the revision of chapter 4 is rolling along nicely. oh, yeah, I came up with an actual chapter breakdown of the book. it’s amazing how much that helps, and sort of shocking too. I think I’m working my way (backwards, of course) to an outline.

speaking of which, and to be a more classic weblogger, here’s an interesting tale of a boy being crushed by busywork (outlining), by way of the always scintillating Dave Winer. and this looks like a neato tool, even if I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with it. (maybe organize my novel?)