yes, I’m procrastinating. I hate

yes, I’m procrastinating. I hate writing checks, damnit! but this is the week when I’m supposed to be getting it back together, right? after all, I’m pretty much over my cold, and my hard drive at work is all taunty the way I like it, and I got paid, and the car is in the shop. yeah, okay, sure.

but I’ve been having way weird dreams this week. last night it was all about moving, but with the “scooby gang” from buffy. and the night before I gave birth and was nursing…remarkably like that dream I had in college that was immortalized in the dream epic poem.

ugh. still really tired, and feeling really behind on everything. laundry, dishes, bills, writing, work. and this damn site. which I’m not happy with, not really. damnit, I wouldn’t visit this site.

but I do feel like I’m looking sharp tonight. went to the basketball tipoff banquet at work, so I dressed in all black with silver & turquoise jewelry. (necklace: one of the only nice things Raul’s horrible mom ever did for me.) and yes, the coach recognized me in his speech, as I was sort of afraid he would. I have so much work to do!

I don’t know why that reminds me, but I actually looked at the logs for…people have found my site searching for: my name, of course; Jenny Dixey (of Digital Eve, I assume), how to “backing around a corner”, reading recliner, and sims polyamory! what the hell are you trying to find, people?!