but I’m a little happier

but I’m a little happier now, and I finally put up an “about” page, along with the latest version of my timeline.

I’m looking at a Virginia quarter, sitting on my desk, and noticed that it has the date of the founding of Jamestown: 1607. and I was thinking that the “new world” was discovered by europeans in 1492, which means that over 100 years passed between the two. which somehow makes me a little more hopeful for space colonization. (please don’t ask me to connect the dots on that thought. and yes, I know that the Spanish were colonizing in that whole time period.)

(and can I just say that the treasury & mint both have really crappy web sites? I found the treasury’s site right off at google, but I couldn’t find anything about on the front page that would give me any indication where I’d find info about the making of money. I happened to go to the site map, and noticed Mint, US – Edith’s days collecting pennies came in handy in remember that ‘oh, that’s where they make coins.’ when I went to the mint’s site, I clicked on the catalog from a big flash ad on the front page, but that just took me to goojers made with quarters. I had to go to the bottom of the page to find a link back to the main home page (as opposed to the catalog home page), then look around through about the mint to find the link included above. bleh!)