you know, it’s sort of

you know, it’s sort of strange. 3…4…5 years ago, I wouldn’t’ve thought that this would be my life. not so much the Chad part (5 yrs ago it would have been quite a shock to me), but the web design part. I had no idea I would love this so much…enough that I just spent the last hour+ working on a design & code for a RANDOM HAIKU GENERATOR, for god’s sake.

and yet, here I am, and I’m enjoying the intellectual puzzle, the artistic challenge (mmmm, green…), and just generally geeking on a little bit of web fluff like that. I love the whole thing: coming up with the idea, writing the code, picking colors, doing the layout, making the code tidy, etc., etc. (it all validates now, btw. I just needed to add the doctype & put a # in front of one of the colors in the css.)

okay, that’s one of the things that I really get into, and I don’t know what about it that strikes in me. it’s a tidyness thing, I guess, not really being able to leave well enough alone. or something.