we had a long lovely

we had a long lovely afternoon, laying in bed & reading. I just finished stephenson’s cryptonomicon. I can’t decide if it is 2 shorter books that got crammed together, or one slimmer book weighed down by a bunch of extra crap. and I say that still thinking that I really enjoyed reading it, and having laughed loudly in many placed, and had wonderful ‘a-ha!’ moments all over the place. (btw, he sounds rather cranky on his web site, tho I suppose it comes with being famous among geeks.)

I love having Thursday afternoons off.

microsoft pisses me off. and I’m usually not a rabid foaming-at-the-mouth open sourcer, either. I like Word. I even like Outlook, god help me. and if IE didn’t crash all the fucking time, I might be a big fan of it, too. but this constant awful sniping monopolistic bullshit…guys, what’s your damage?

(I tried to post a message at slate, complaining about their changes, and kept getting an ASP.NET error message. ha!)

another try at a new design – the one I was working on didn’t go over well in other browsers. plus, I wasn’t happy with those browns on my monitor @ work. I also have a lovely palette in my coat pocket – blue/red/purple – that I want to fool about with.