but you ain’t all that,

but you ain’t all that, nor a bag of chips. this is the first time I’ve been actually, actively pissed about this salon premium crap. ’cause I like them enough to skim thru once in a while, but I definitely don’t like them $30/year worth. more like reading in the library. hell, I don’t pay for any other magazines, why should I pay for one that can’t stack up in my living room?

yeah, yeah, I know – they’ve got to pay their bills, and their writers need to eat. I get that, really I do. but there’s no equivalent (like going to the library) if you don’t like them enough to pay…or if you couldn’t afford to pay. I can’t really play that card too much myself, not any more, but it certainly would’ve been true a couple of years ago – and I’m sure is still for many others who do have internet access, and do enjoy reading salon.