a tired, tired week. all

a tired, tired week. all I did Wednesday was sleep, that and curl up in the recliner, reading The Vampire Armand. okay, yeah, so that’s why I like Anne Rice. I’d almost forgotten. reading her better books is like falling into a darkly lovely dream – and this one qualifies. there was a little god-stuff, but not too bad, and definitely on the more cynical side. I *heart* Armand.

but…sleep is good. and the blu screen of death is bad, esp. when it won’t go away. it was definitely that kind of week.

I got an email from Irina today. very cool. she’s a tax accountant. yipes. still, I’m quite happy to reconnect, tho I’m sure it would give Ra fits. 🙂 silly boy.

there’s a story rattling around in the back of my head – part 9/11, part an idea that was kicking around before then. I started it, finally, last night, but haven’t gotten too far into it. (why is it that I like setting my short stories in ordinary places that somehow also feel very strange?)

hey, Matt, if you’re reading this – go work on Neal’s story!