but oh, lordy, they’re talking

but oh, lordy, they’re talking about near death experiences. weirdly enough, Seattle has the highest percentage of them. what’s up with that? and why is this woman talking in such a hushed, serious voice? oy.

I made a little micro-page this evening. (who is Rhonda, you ask? that could be a very interesting question. or not…we’ll see how it goes.) which makes me think that I still wanna revamp my site. yeah, like I haven’t said that a half-dozen times in the last month. (or more.)

some days, I feel like I skate along at the edge of the world of the a-listers. you know…kottke (who is 28 today, btw), matt haughey, joe clark, ev, zeldman, etc., etc….they all seem to be fairly near my age, and yet so much more…glamorous. (oh, and that whole list is all boys, isn’t it? what’s up with that. okay, well, there are megnut & rebecca blood – who was in this incredibly wierd multimedia dream I had last night – we were navigating through a text page in a browser, then jumped out, somehow, into 20s (?) era SoCal. sorry, tangent.) sigh. I’ve always been jealous of the rich artsy kids. which I guess is why I like joe clark. he’s so cranky & somehow altogether egalitarian, in a snobby sort of way. like Kat. and he wrote me back when I wrote him! (so did ev, when his grandpa died & I sent condolences.)

bleh. what a silly rambling post. it’s almost 10 pm. I’m feeling edgy, restless. I want sugar.