this afternoon, I went to

this afternoon, I went to Fred Meyers (dishwasher soap & pads). as I was getting out of the car, I heard what I can only assume were fighter jets overhead. in a flash, all sorts of emotions rolled through my brain/heart – a weird & unfamiliar patriotism, sorrow & grief. what does it mean to be a pacifist? I’ve asked myself that question, but never had to ask it in this context. I don’t have an answer, only the cry that war can’t be the right way.

what is the right way? if I were GWB, what the heck would I do?

which sort of reminds me of something else that happened today. we had our staff meeting outside at a picnic table, on the edge of the park, and as I was coming back into the building, I saw a truck which I’ve seen before – it has a bumper sticker that says “what would Jesus do?” I’ve always been sarcastic about that sort of thing, because christian fundies bug/scare/anger me. but today, after reading this, I have a little more respect for that question.

but what the fuck would Jesus do? (pardon the language) is there a rational, agnostic, pacifist answer, to an irrational, fundamentalist, terrorist question?