okay, I said I wasn’t

okay, I said I wasn’t going to post at work again, but today seems a little different somehow. I won’t link to anything, as it’s all a moving target right now. (the internet traffic is just insane, btw.)

sent this email to a bunch of friends/relatives:

I don’t know what to say – only this feeling that I need to reach out to the people I love. I’m reading what news I can get on the internet (traffic is too high for any audio/video) and am filled with a sinking feeling…like today was the end of something.



ps: edith or elizabeth, could you forward this on to ms. nicholson? I can’t find her address.

pss: aunt susie, thank you so much for the earrings – they are lovely!

just got a reply from Greyson, who I haven’t talked to in so long. he’s taking the day off to be with Michel, which makes me breathe a little easier, seeing as how he works in downtown SF. now if I heard from Stephanie (in Virginia/DC) I’d feel better.

I’m filled with this floating anxiety. I can’t concentrate – just cancelled my first meeting of the day because I am hopelessly unprepared. what will happen now? that’s the only thought in my mind. that, and that we are at war – or on the verge of it.

some center of morbid humor in my brain keeps reminding me that Pearl Harbor Day is the day after Edith’s birthday – and now this thing is the day after mine.