but I haven’t totally lost

but I haven’t totally lost my energy – just finished a fleet of updates to zografis. I’m still waiting for access to diversity hair site. (gotta email that guy again.)

on an entirely different note… I’ve mentioned to a number of people that I found my natural sleep pattern, and that it isn’t compatible with my current working hours. now, mind you, it’s not radically different – just 11:30 pm – 8:30 am, or midnight to 9am. but I was surprised that a couple of people expressed…contempt? ridicule? – when I said that I wasn’t suited to be working at 7am. what’s with that? is our work ethic so important that it’s better to be sleep-deprived than to work non-standard hours? whatever. it was enough of an instructional experience for me that I will give up the good part – being in the office before most – to get better sleep.

one person who didn’t express that view seemed to think that I must be a night person because I’m a “techie” – I’m not really either a night person nor am I much of a real techie. (I know my limits as a nerd.) an interesting conversation followed from that.

so, in a self-questioning mode: why was it relatively easy for me to talk to the person in that situation, but not in those others? hmmm. in some ways, I do buy into that faux-pride work ethic thing.

my spirit is split between following my natural rhythms (when I can find them) and wanting to succeed on society’s terms (whatever those are). an important point: when I’m working hard, but paying attention to my body, I am most happy and most productive. something good to remember.