people suck. (news story. metafilter

people suck. (news story. metafilter discussion. another blogger’s take.) I really have nothing more to say about it.

more from “Captain Mike” (a new & appropriate nickname):

…I agree with Elaine, but I have some more of my own to add:…

I was born in Washington, and that has a large amount of personal meaning to me.

I put a lot of worth into being from WA State, and wish all the extra “people” clogging my home would just go away and leave natives like myself alone.

Not to go off about it; I can see that my point of view probably has nothing to do with what happened…but it does for me, and that is enough.

I think the highways are packed because of all the people from out-of-state, and don’t like all the huge developments and stuff…

So that’s my beef-


okay, so I’m not a native, but for some reason he’s given me an exception. 🙂