fall is rolling in with

fall is rolling in with a vengance. rain, rain, rain. I’m crossing my fingers for some nice weather next week (vacation), so I can do stuff outside. at the same time, I’m enjoying the semi-tropical feeling. it’s not yet cold – tho my toes are chilly – but the air is wet, and there’s something exhilarating about walking in a sudden downpour.

yeah, I’m taking a break from the writers’ group. I don’t think it’s forever. I just need a breather, for my own mental health. I’m gonna send the guys an email in the next couple of days, so I won’t post any of my thoughts about it here.

this afternoon’s project: Zografis (Paula’s site) updates. man, that thing is a hopeless bandwidth hog. I really don’t know what to do about it either. all those jpgs…. maybe I’ll back off of the Flash solution again, see if my new-found PHP skills can help. I don’t know. (of course, I’d need to see if her host supports PHP, which means I’d need to remember who the heck her host is.)

a new design is kicking around in my head. something more…professional? I’m thinking of getting back into some kind of freelancing. yeah, yeah, I know, I barely have time to work on the few (unpaid) projects I do have. but if I could get a couple of cash-paying gigs, say $200/month, that would help out a lot with this next year. and maybe I could figure out how to sell some jewelry, too, or a couple of short fantasy/scifi stories or something.