sad & restless. tired of

sad & restless. tired of this rut my life is in. which means, of course, that I’ve been trolling thru the personal ads, and I’m pondering breaking out the bottle of hair dye. angst everywhere….

I started rearranging the house again and never quite finished. as usual. and now I’m procrastinating on getting back to it.

what else am I procrastinating on?

  • diaz & diversity web sites
  • my web photo album
  • financial aid paperwork
  • sending out bills
  • cleaning (extra) oven in the garage
  • writing
  • balancing checkbook
  • laundry
  • calling used appliance places
  • building linux computer (parts are in the kitchen)
  • putting up posters
  • dealing with extra rugs
  • and, of course, dealing with the car!

so…yeah. I’m sitting here writing, listening to k.d. lang (ingenue). Chad’s over at Keith’s. (things are tense with us…not horribly or impossibly so…but our various anxieties & melancholies are butting heads.)


I ought to go to bed, since, after all, it is nearly 10 pm, and tomorrow is a work day…. yay.