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Archives for August 2001

I’m rereading the beginning of

I’m rereading the beginning of Aila, and am surprised at how much I like it how much it still hangs together with the ending how clear it is where I need to add more, and what that more should be it gives me hope. I’m going to read it once straight through – no notes, […]

way too much time on

way too much time on the web, not enough time doing other, better things. like cleaning the spare room upstairs. or going for a walk.

people suck. (news story. metafilter

people suck. (news story. metafilter discussion. another blogger’s take.) I really have nothing more to say about it. more from “Captain Mike” (a new & appropriate nickname): …I agree with Elaine, but I have some more of my own to add:… I was born in Washington, and that has a large amount of personal meaning […]

wow. goodness. I think I

wow. goodness. I think I just finished it. now, I’ve still got lots of editing, etc., but the bulk of it is done. I have this weird unreal feeling, like I can’t believe it myself.

jesus & mary chain, on

jesus & mary chain, on headphones, while writing the end (?) of Aila. not the tunes I would’ve been expected, but surprisingly inspirational, if only for my typing speed.

so, yeah, we paid the

so, yeah, we paid the rest of tuition. bought most of the books, too. (ecampus saved me over $50!) of course, there was some stupid mix-up between Zita’s web site and the info at the bookstore. sheesh. I’m kinda glad I’m not the one going back to school. although I really am, of course. nothing […]

today: paid for half of

today: paid for half of tuition. stupid bank limit. (the rest will be tomorrow, along with books.) a little writing, too, which I’m taking a break from right now. cleaning the tub, and the kitchen, and most of the front room. a little reading: Mother Jones, and started in on The Bit and the Pendulum. […]

it’s 10:30 on a monday,

it’s 10:30 on a monday, and I’m sitting at home in sweats & tank top. yay. what a lovely vacation. (yes, I still have a ton of things to do. and, oddly enough, I’m doing them.)