I’m rereading the beginning of

I’m rereading the beginning of Aila, and am surprised at

  • how much I like it
  • how much it still hangs together with the ending
  • how clear it is where I need to add more, and what that more should be

it gives me hope. I’m going to read it once straight through – no notes, no comments – then once more with a big brick of post-its to mark the places that need work. still haven’t decided if I’m gonna read all those extra copies from the various iterations of the writers’ group. it could either be really useful or really annoying. I’m also going to create a character list and a glossary…I may want to change some of the names, and definitely some of the words.

I hope that only one more “major” revision will be necessary…then probably a minor (grammar/spelling/continuity) revision. and once I get the first few chapters (oh, yeah, I need to break it into chapters, too) done, I’m gonna start looking for publishers & agents.

whew. my work has just begun. 😉